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A comment to my last post about lost followers took me to task in a not so subtle way.

“You left and said you were done” was the answer to why I had lost followers on this blog.

The person who commented is correct. In late April, I wrote that as of May 10, 2019, the category of Murder in a Small Town would be discontinued. but that all archived posts could still be accessed.

In a few previous posts to that one I had alluded to the fact that it was pointless to keep repeating the same basic issues with the Stacey Burns murder case. I also mentioned that if any new information was forthcoming, the blog category could be resurrected.

The latest information I shared was the supposed announcement that a NHSP detective had been assigned full time to the Burns murder case. I questioned then and still do whether this is true, or whether it is even practical in the real world.

I guess I do not understand why there is not more community outrage that a heinous crime like this in a small town like Wolfeboro could go unsolved for ten and half years.

To my “Annoyed” commenter, you’re right. At the time I wrote that, I felt I had done all I could to help. In the seven months since, I’ll admit to doubts if I was right to stop posting about it because there still has been no arrest in either the Stacey Burns or Bobbie Miller cases.

I’ll also admit that I am really bothered by that fact. It simply is not right that these poor women have been in their graves all these years while their killers have been free.

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8 Responses to Chastised

  • jim vittum says:

    About the lack of “outrage”. It’s not unlike your book. Stacey’s family doesn’t want ANY part of it. If they did things would be different. After Eddie was indicted Michael said they were happy with he way things were going. Life is for the living, i’m one to talk but it ain’t our business.

    • jim vittum says:

      Strelzin told me years ago, “none of your business” everything i have done for 10 years to try to hold her killer accountable has been a waste of time, Stacey knew he was going to kill her, she told me many times, she would wake in the night screaming that it was happening, she expected it. Her only fear was “what will happen to my children” we know now that her sister saved them. It all ok now.

  • Annoyed says:

    I have commented previously that living in wolfeboro leaves a person reluctant to say anything after two murders in the area. I have suggested and tried getting people interested in finding someone to run a podcast to help solve Stacey’s murder. I and possibly a lot of other people get tired of reading responses from your top commenters. Duke you try living in a place with murderers among us then think about why lost followers.

    • I get that and it makes me sad. By the way, one can have empathy from a distance. Just because I don’t live there anymore doesn’t mean I can’t identify with the heartache or the fear. I’m an old person and have seen my share.

    • jim says:

      Murderers among us? I think Wolfeboro is safe from Stacey’s killer, I wouldn’t (and don’t) worry about that. When our Ag says “public not in danger” it’s normally true. What worries me is learning the FBI makes up and changes evidence to fit their own agenda.As a murder suspect in an unsolved murder case it worries me a great deal, When personal hate can trump justice, count me terrified of what many of you have become. I’m sick of responding,

  • Sean says:

    Duke, thoughts on the recent article regarding Roberta Miller’s case ? Sounds like Roberta’s brother temporarily changed the billboard to a message calling out Roberta’s son for not cooperating with the investigation. The son was the one who found her, and his finances were VERY intertwined with his mother. Not making any accusations just curious about your thoughts. Thanks

    • Thanks for the response.
      I know very little about the Bobbie Miller murder,other than my wife worked with her and I met her on a number of occasions. (mostly picking up eggs at her home)
      I truly have no thoughts other than to say that it seems to me in small town rural New Hampshire, the NHSP should be able to solve at least one of these cases.
      Just so discouraging!!

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