A comment to my last post about lost followers took me to task in a not so subtle way.

“You left and said you were done” was the answer to why I had lost followers on this blog.

The person who commented is correct. In late April, I wrote that as of May 10, 2019, the category of Murder in a Small Town would be discontinued. but that all archived posts could still be accessed.

In a few previous posts to that one I had alluded to the fact that it was pointless to keep repeating the same basic issues with the Stacey Burns murder case. I also mentioned that if any new information was forthcoming, the blog category could be resurrected.

The latest information I shared was the supposed announcement that a NHSP detective had been assigned full time to the Burns murder case. I questioned then and still do whether this is true, or whether it is even practical in the real world.

I guess I do not understand why there is not more community outrage that a heinous crime like this in a small town like Wolfeboro could go unsolved for ten and half years.

To my “Annoyed” commenter, you’re right. At the time I wrote that, I felt I had done all I could to help. In the seven months since, I’ll admit to doubts if I was right to stop posting about it because there still has been no arrest in either the Stacey Burns or Bobbie Miller cases.

I’ll also admit that I am really bothered by that fact. It simply is not right that these poor women have been in their graves all these years while their killers have been free.

Have a good day!