The is a little different kind of post. The next post I do will fill you in on the progress of my “hot tip” of six weeks ago.

So, I’m wondering . . . Is wanting to keep everyone happy a character flaw? In Cracks in the Wall, Linda Phillips, the protagonist, has this exchange with her mother.

“Your supreme niceness is a character flaw, Linda,” her mother admonished her on numerous occasions. “You can’t keep everyone happy all the time. If you keep trying, you’re going to have some serious problems in your life.”

“What’s wrong with making people feel good?” Linda often remarked  when her mother would kid her about her empathy for a friend or her refusal to hurt another’s feelings, even if the hurt may have been justified.

“People are going to walk all over you,” (her mother would say)  p. 71, Cracks in the Wall

What do you think? Is “supreme niceness” a weakness?