In the two days since the blog which contained the word “cash” in the title, there has been a significant spike in the page views for duker’s blog.

Perhaps the title of that blog (and this one) piqued some interest or, at the least, some curiosity. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I do not know of any cache of funds earmarked for the search of information in the Stacey Burns murder. However, the whole concept of rewards in solving crimes is not a new one, by any stretch, so why not just speculate on what might happen if someone does have some solid (and new) information which they are only willing to share for a price?

Since October, 2010 when I began work on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns in earnest, I’ve had the sense that there is more to this story than appears on the surface. That sense remains and is stronger today than it was two and half years ago. If “cash for info” is what it would take to remove a killer from the streets, then probably someone should make that happen. For my part, I naively believe that “justice for info” should be enough to move anyone who knows something to bring it forward and, of course, we know that at least one person knows something- the murderer of Stacey Burns.