There will be no new information in this blog. The question that will be asked has been asked before. It is important enough that I believe it should be asked over and over again until an answer is forthcoming. It is based on the simple observation that a vicious, likely psychopathic killer has now gotten away with murder for over four years. Therefore, a dangerous person continues to walk among us.  The question is this: How can any law enforcement agency or single representative state that no one in the public arena is in danger from this person? After all, all he or she did was to stab a woman to death in a depraved and heinous attack. I, for one, am relieved that we have nothing to worry about and I’m sure that the general public feels the same.

By the way, over the past six months, a slew of challenges have been issued through this blog, all designed to bring forth new information on this case. I’m still waiting for any response from a large percentage of them.