A Favor Returned is now available in three formats: the original, in hardcover, is out of print. (I do, however, have boxes of them in my garage.)-:) The new revision can be purchased as a paperback and as an e-book for any e-book equipment.

The new version, while maintaining the dramatic story, is revised to flow smoother with more showing than telling, crisper dialogue and fewer flashbacks. So, the challenge is to see if an improved version will improve sales as well. In the fourteen years since the original was published, technology has improved dramatically, allowing for instantaneous  sales rankings and immediate reviews.

If you have the book, an Amazon rating would be nice (or not so nice, which is OK too) and a review would be even better. (or not, which is also OK) Of course, if you don’t have the book, remember the challenge!

Watch for the next example in the tale of two books!