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“Book tour” (Update)

I am three days into my eleven day sojourn to the East Coast. This post falls into the ICAC category. (In case anyone cares) The first stop on Saturday was the Country Bookseller in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, where I was graciously hosted by Karen Baker, shown in the photo.004  The book signing was a success and a special treat was being visited by Sandra Wentworth, a former student in my favorite class of all time, the KRHS Class of 1974.

Despite my open invitation through this blog, no one came in to talk about the Stacey Burns case or my work on Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns.

On Sunday in Melvin Village, twenty six people came to the program which updated my “progress” (or lack thereof) on the book about the murder of Stacey Burns. As regular readers are aware, that rough draft manuscript is lacking certain perspectives from important sources such as the police and Stacey’s family. Also, the last three chapters cannot be written since the titles of those chapters are Arrest, Trial, and Conviction. The program in Melvin Village included a brief introduction to my new book, Live Free or Die,  and my work on the third Parker Havenot novel titled Cracks in the Wall.

My third stop was a literary program last night at the Moultonborough Library. This presentation focused on the writing process and touched on the publishing options open to writers today.

The trip continues tonight with a program entitled “The First Novel: The Process, The Pain, and The Pride” at the Meredith Library.


3 Responses to “Book tour” (Update)

  • Joni Love says:


    Hopefully you are just too busy to update your blog here and having you are some fun along the way on your trip!!!

    Many of us CARE about you… and I am surely one of MANY who so admires your diligent persistence to NOT let the memory of Stacey Burns be forgotten.

    I was so pleased to see you in Melvin Village and very disappointed to not make your other presentations as I had intended but my car broke down and is still in the shop!!!

    Blessings & Prayers to you and yours for a safe trip home, and keep up the good work. Time will be the healer.

  • jim says:

    The term “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” is true. In Stacey’s case as long as her brother Michael protects her killer the case is rusted solid. Mike; Eddie let your family secret out of the bag 8 years ago,do SOMETHING!! Your “blessed” detective has been retired for 5 years now. DO SOMETHING !! time is not on your side.

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