From May 15 through the 24, I’ve visited seven different venues, from the Country Bookseller in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, through four programs in New Hampshire to private receptions in Maryland and New Jersey. I had a great time meeting many new people and reuniting with many old friends and acquaintances. Sales of books were good but the human contacts were even better. I’m looking forward to my return to Arizona and especially to seeing my wife, my friends, and, of course, my dog.

On another subject, as I traveled up and down the I 95 corridor from Baltimore to New Hampshire, I was struck by how spoiled we are in the western part of the country where we can use most interstate highways without paying tolls. While I understand that tolls are used for road improvements (or are supposed to be) it seems some states must use the tools for helping their budget situation. Here is just the one example then I’ll let it go. In Delaware, passing from Maryland to New Jersey which is a distance of 12.9 miles, the toll is $4.00 and is collected in both directions. Heading south, another $4.00 is added to cross the Delaware Memorial bridge. Thus, in two trips, I added $24.00 to the Delaware coffers to travel less than sixty miles on their road, which is the only practical way to travel through the state in either direction.

The only things missing were the trolls, which I expected to see manning the toll booths.

Great trip and my sincere thanks to all who did so much to make it a successful and enjoyable time!