I was recently asked via this blog what I thought of the Roberta Miller murder, yet another unsolved case in the HUGE state of New Hampshire.  my answer was as follows:

I know very little about the Bobbie Miller murder, other than my wife worked with her, really liked her, and I met her on a number of occasions. (mostly picking up eggs at her home)
I truly have no thoughts other than to say that it seems to me in small town rural New Hampshire, the NHSP should be able to solve at least one of these cases. (Stacey Burns and/or Bobbie Miller)
Just so discouraging!!

By the way, NHSP- did anything ever come from the “hot” tip I sent in May,2017? Did you interview all the principals mentioned in that tip? Did you follow up on peripheral people in that tip?

I have no doubt that it was fully and completely analyzed, synthesized, and investigated. I just wonder if nothing came of it, why wouldn’t I receive any acknowledgement of receipt, action taken, done deal, like, maybe, your tip is appreciated and we are investigating or done deal, nothing of substance here?

I know the NHSP are under no obligation to let the “tipster” know what happened to their tip. No one I mentioned in the tip has been interviewed other than a vague “telephone tag” effort as far as I know.

I’d surely love to hear from anyone mentioned in that tip if the NHSP have spoken with you.