Sometimes I wonder what might happen if every single person who is even remotely connected to the Stacey Burns and/or Bobbie Miller murder cases showed up one day at the Office of the Attorney General and asked (or demanded) that an update on the progress of these investigations be provided. By every single person, I don’t mean just family and friends. I mean everyone, from community members affected by the devastating grief associated with those crimes to those who have only read about the crimes and everyone in between.

I’m not suggesting that the crimes need to be solved at this point-all I’m suggesting is some sort of progress report which may include how much time is being spent investigating these crimes, what has been done in the past, what degree of effort is being put forth to solve the murders- that sort of thing.

By the way, I’m also not suggesting anything about the work being done, only that the lack of any substantive information is disheartening. The answer to this, if any, is guaranteed if the past is any indicator. It will something like “cases like these can be dormant for a long time, then new information comes to light” or the ever popular “we can’t comment on an ongoing investigation” or “we know who did it; we’re just waiting for him/her to crack.”

As I mentioned above, I wonder what would happen if a gathering of hundreds, or even more, requested such an update.

In the tenth year, folks . . .