As promised in the last blog, here is another fact which was mentioned by more than one person within such a close time proximity that the chances of compared notes were slim.

The fact: (I was so certain that this was true that it is included in Chapter Three) The¬†killer wore a protective suit. It was called a “hazmat” suit but after listening to descriptions, I was more inclined to describe it as a sort of Tyvek protective suit such as is worn by workers in many professions to keep paint, chemicals, corrosive materials, etc. from being splashed on their clothes or their skin. In crime movies and books, it is more often called a spatter suit, one used for protection against blood spatters.

Is this a fact? I surely don’t know because it has not been confirmed by anyone in authority, just as not much of anything has been confirmed by anyone in authority. Where did this fact (or fiction) originate? Who knows? I just am trying to get a response as to the reality of these claims.

Next blog- another “fact” will be revealed . . .