Post after post on this blog has raised questions. This will be no different.

To the New Hampshire State Police and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office:

What is it that you need to arrest someone for the vicious killing of Stacey Burns? Is it a murder weapon? Is it a guarantee of a guilty verdict? Is it a confession by the killer? Is it motive, means and opportunity? (I have a number of possibilities for this question!) Is it a thus far unidentified witness? Is it the need to clarify why there is a DNA sample which cannot be identified? Is it a guarantee that no one in an authoritative position will be embarrassed?

Read any of Ann Rule’s true crime books and you will find that many of the cases were solved simply because the investigators asked for help from the public. That is not to say that it was the old standard, “call the tip line,” but rather an active campaign to engage the public in the pursuit of the case. I have to admit, I haven’t seen nor heard much about an active engagement campaign for quite a while. (Would be happy to proven wrong about this but I doubt anyone will comment about it.)

So, a final question once again: what is it that the general public can do to help you solve this case? I’ve been told over and over again by writing mentors, give your reader some credit. They are not stupid. Well, perhaps the same applies here. Give the citizenry some credit. They are not stupid. Tell people what you need and you might be surprised! By the way, it is obvious that something is needed as it has been over five years.