It is truly wonderful to see the remembrances on the Stacey Burns memorial website!

In my book about our son’s death at age 29, there are sections about “sorrys” and how reassuring and uplifting they are to those who are devastated by the event.

Here is the question which I have raised in previous blog posts: Is it enough to be sorry?

We had no control over seeking justice for our son’s death. It was in God’s hands. There is no one to blame. There is no one to have the courage to step up and say that “I caused this death” other than God himself.

Stacey Burns is now in her grave for over five years. In her case, there is someone to blame beside God. There is a human being, walking among you, who killed her in the most brutal way possible.

“Sorrys” are not enough in my humble opinion. Imagine this: if you were Stacey and  could speak with your sister/brother/mom/daughters/son or your friends/colleagues/acquaintances, what might you say.

Having learned much about the person who was Stacey Burns in my research, I’m guessing that “sorry” would not be enough.

She could very well be disappointed in you. If you knew her as I never had a chance to know her, I believe you might have to agree.

Again, in my humble opinion .. .