In April, 2011, I was told that the NHSP investigators in the Stacey Burns murder case (or at least one them) felt they had an eight-five percent chance of conviction in the case with a particular suspect (unnamed) at that time. It is six and half years since that off-the-record conversation. If this information was true then, and I have no reason to believe it wasn’t, a fair question might be this. Are we closer or further away, percentage wise) to that illusive conviction, or even an arrest, for that matter?

I guessing that the suspect then is the same one in their minds now. My reason is simple. I just found out that two key individuals in the “hot tip” of early May still have not been interviewed. The only reason for this that I can come up with is that the police must have very strong evidence, but obviously not conclusive enough,  on whomever they have in their sights for this crime.

So, back to the question-is a conviction expectation now ninety percent? eighty-eight percent? Has it fallen to say seventy percent?

Whatever, it really doesn’t matter since Stacey Burns’ killer is STILL free.

As always, I’d love to hear from anyone who might be able (and willing) to correct me if I’m wrong.