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Any Followers Out There?

My last post (after an extended absence) received two comments, despite having the Stacey Burns murder mentioned on the title. Both responses are writing colleagues of mine.

I’m curious as to why this is the case.

I am trying to resurrect interest in this blog and would love to hear from former followers what you would like to see here. I’m open to any suggestions.

Dare we revisit years worth of posts about the Stacey Burn case? Could anything new be uncovered by doing so?

Would you like to hear how it feels to be eighty years old? (birthday was in March)

How about life in Arizona in the dry heat of the desert?

Limitless possibilities!

4 Responses to Any Followers Out There?

  • Karen Chase says:

    Hello Mr. Southard! (Duke, if you will) Karen Chase here from KRHS, ‘79. I’ve yet to read one of your books, but intend to… Where do you suggest I begin? I hope you’re well… nothing but the fondest of memories for Gary 💕 In classes, in the hallway, cafeteria and ski team. All the Best, Karen

  • jim vittum says:

    I thought Soucy would want to talk to me, Stacey spent her last day on earth with me. I spent the last two years of her life with her, I know everything about this murder, everything. Lip service, that’s all this is. Strelzin had to do something, it had been 10 years. Plus Jimbo Soucy needed a bigger pension and spending a year pretending to be solving a cold case gave him that. Ed killed Stacey and nobody cares.

  • 4matownie says:

    Suspicious death in Wolfeboro, and sadly my first thought was of course a Meredith Man would be murdered in Wolfeboro, best odds of never getting caught…. Duke, i enjoy your blog, regardless of topic. thank you, I admire your dedication to Stacey.

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