Sometimes I wish I were in a crowded auditorium giving a talk about the Stacey Burns case. I have done it before but never to a large group.

After informing this crowd about what I know, I would ask two simple questions and here they are:.

  1. We are approaching yet another year (number 9) when this crime will not be solved; if you are frustrated, angry, disappointed or discouraged, would you please raise your hand?
  2. If you are happy with the investigation and feel that the authorities are doing the best they can to nail this sick, demented, and vicious killer, would you please raise your hand?                                                                                                          In a packed auditorium of people familiar with the case, whether family, friends, acquaintances, or community members, how do think these questions would be answered?   Would it be fifty-fifty each way? I’m just curious since I have heard and keep hearing about the diligent work being carried out in the name of justice for Stacey. Maybe I’m just too far out of the loop, but I know there are those who may be much closer than I am. How is that effort to bring the murderer in going? Anyone?                   Duke