Today I received this email. The only thing new I see in it is in the 10th line down. It is the first time I’ve seen someone in authority use the phrase “state of admissible evidence.” (Could have missed this before but I don’t think so)

Further, it says the lack of this availability of admissible evidence is what “effects (sic-should be affects) moving forward.”

In my humble opinion, this is important because it seems to indicate that there is a strong suspect but there is not evidence to prosecute. This is vastly different than not having a suspect.

Am I wrong about this? (Would not be the first time!)


Here is the email…

The fact that there have been no arrests in the Stacey Ann Keane Burns case
doesn’t mean that this case is being ignored
Since May-10-2009
It has been reported that The Stacey Ann Keane Burns case has been worked by
Prosecutors, and Dozens of police officers that have worked diligently for hundreds of hours
It is true that… Some cases are solved quickly and others are not
 There is a true commitment to this case by The State of New Hampshire and Friends and Family of Stacey Ann Keane Burns
there is a lot of work being done, publicly and behind the scenes
‘It is the state of admissible evidence currently available in this case that effects moving forward.’
The Stacey Ann Keane Burns case will continue to be staffed with a team from…
1. The NH Attorney General’s Office
2. The State Police Major Crime Unit
3. The NH Cold Case Unit
Anyone who wishes to provide information about the case can do so by contacting…
State Police Sergeant
Brian Strong
(603) 223-3648