DukeSouthardWebProfileIn 2012, I posted a Christmas wish that the Stacey Burns murder case would be solved within a year. Astoundingly, that was three years ago! What a disgraceful shame.

Here is my new Christmas wish. I wish that all human beings would adopt the civility that is exhibited in the parking lot after a crowded service at Desert Hills Lutheran Church here in Green Valley. OK, that sounds stupid but a crowded parking lot can be a microcosm of our planet. Courtesy and common decency prevail when five lanes are reduced to just one as we head toward the exit. Turns are taken; no one pushes in front at the expense of another; there is no yelling or screaming at each other; in other words, civility prevails.

Everyone on this planet, like it or not, is heading toward an exit. I don’t see why we have to push and shove our way ahead just to get to the exit first. A kinder and gentler way of handling our relationships with others might make the interaction between people on this planet much more pleasant. Why is there this insane push to be first? What is the hurry to get to the exit?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL! Relax and enjoy- the exit will come up soon enough.