Enough people have mentioned this issue to make it public, yet again!  Of course, this post is dealing with the murder of Stacey Burns.

I am going to make up a composite comment, based on what I have heard from any number of people. This comment represents no one particular person but is the common thread of many comments.

“I have a strong and very real opinion, and I am not alone, but like so many others, I am afraid to have that opinion appear in the media in any form.”

This sentiment has been expressed to me often enough that the truth of it cannot be denied. There are people who are afraid of some sort of repercussion or reprisal if they express themselves in public. Apparently, the reassurances of authorities from the Attorney General’s office, the N.H. State Police, and even the local level that none of the citizens of Wolfeboro and surrounding areas need to worry about their safety from the murderer of Stacey Burns have been dismissed by these folks.

It has been suggested that I would receive more feedback to this blog if anonymity could be guaranteed. I honestly do not know how to do that although you can create a persona (an alias) which may or may not make your anonymous. What I can do is guarantee your anonymity if you contact me personally. My contact information is readily available. Send an e-mail directly to me at duke@dukesouthard.com simply saying that you’d like to share some information without indicating what that is. I’ll be happy to get back to you and to share anything you’d like to share on this blog without mentioning your name or any other identifying characteristic.

Remember, in the last post, I said I was moving on to other writing projects since I’ve done all I can do on the book until new information comes in or an arrest is made. I also said I was not moving on from the case of Stacey Burns and will continue to write these posts in the hope that someday they will do some good.