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And Speaking of Revisiting . . .

Given the recent development with Ed Burns in Massachusetts, I’m wondering if  it may be time for the detectives in New Hampshire who have been actively investigating the Stacey Burns murder case to revisit everything about Mr. Burns’ alibi.

Wouldn’t it seem prudent to do so from the start (Michael Brabant’s information, hotel cameras, etc.) to finish? Of course, we can be certain that all of this has been reexamined many times over the last nine years, but why not try again since it seems that Mr. Burns may have a penchant for violence.

Luckily, the public has been assured over and over again that there is no danger from whoever killed Stacey Burns, so no one has to worry about that part.

Just wondering, as usual!


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15 Responses to And Speaking of Revisiting . . .

  • jim vittum says:

    I’m thankful Ed stabbed this guy in Massachusetts. The blood is on our and Strelzin’s hands but at least the commonwealth will put this phsyco away where he can’t hurt anyone again, something N.H. is incapable of doing.

  • Jack Donovan says:

    Thank You , Jamie doing it now, hope they get this SOB, You would have to be living under a ROCK, to not believe that the ex husband did not commit such a horrible act , somehow he was able to pull it off with the alibi, but now there is another common denominator, violence with a knife. I hope there is a possibility that forensics, will be able to prove a similar pattern , or something to link this to the horrible crime in Wolfboro , you may notice I can’t use his name in the same sentence with Stacey , even though I did not know her, but can feel so bad for the Children & Loved One’s , as I have stated on these blogs I hope the 1 person out there who has the 1 thread of information to connect the dots will come forward , and i’m Sure when they do , they will finally get a nite’s sleep and stop having to keep Looking over their Shoulder !

  • Clarence Darrow says:

    Duke, Don’t lose your focus on the “key club” members. Jimmy is just way too certain it was Eddie. MENS REA! His explanation of his blood under Stacey’s fingernails gives everyone the creeps. Eddie’s current case was self-defense as were all of the incidents in Eddie’s past. I know because I was there for several of them! Clearly Eddie and Jimmy are sworn enemies but that may be a distraction the real killer is relying on. Why would the police tell a potential suspect the extent of Stacey’s injuries? That would have been kept ABSOLUTELY SECRET, something only the killer could have known. I’m not sure if it’s public knowledge and I’m not going to disclose it, though Eddie told me. Critically, this evidence points to a woman! So the best thing is for both Jimmy and Eddie to quit accusing one another and for everyone to start looking for the real killer. The forensic evidence of Jimmy’s blood under Stacey’s fingernails, still, is extremely disturbing. And watch the 20/20 interview where Jimmy says, “I went over to k…pin her down” in reference to why he was jealous of Stacey’s new BF. So… if Jimmy shuts up, we’ll stop watching that episode.

      • vittum says:

        there’s a port on an eastern bay and it serves a hundred ships a day. Lonely sailors pass the time away and talk about there homes. He came on a summers day bringing gifts from far away but he made it clear he couldn’t stay the prison was his home.

  • Jamie says:

    Clarence you little enabler. Always at the ready to defend your friend ugly Eddie. What I find disturbing is that ugly mug was most likely the last thing Stacey saw as she died. Now that’s disturbing. BTW… Eddies own kids verified the removal of a piece of wood from the back of Jims hand and never has law enforcement or anyone of relevance said there was ANY DNA under Stacey nails let alone Jims. And how would Ed know the extent of Stacey injurys? It is HIGHLY unlikely that the police divulged such information to a key person in this murder. So how does he know Clarence? Please share. And get off the “key club” crap. That ship has long since sailed.

    • jim says:

      Let me have this one; Eric Thor,(the dude i confronted) lived an open marriage as did many couples in Wolfeboro around that time. Those marriages either have grown stronger or have ended since then. These folks, many wealthy and what they would call “beautiful” people enjoyed their hot tubs, lake houses,fast boats and so on. Stacey was a single woman who also enjoyed a good time and could run with these people on occasion but always told me it was bizarre and that she wasn’t into the “after party swap shop” That was it and after Stacey’s murder the major crimes guys were all over it, the cocaine network was disturbed and the party’s went underground until, like i said, most of the marriages failed.

    • vittum says:

      It was funny to me, hanging around these people. I always thought ‘if i had all this i could be happy’,’ what is wrong w/ these people’? And i once walked in on the hot tub and thought ,”how come i didn’t know those things float? It was a trip, being w/ Stacey.

  • Jack Donovan says:

    Hey Jim V . , it’s Jack we had a very interesting conversation , last year when would be a good time to call you in the next week or so , thank you , Jack

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