This issue has been addressed here before but there is no harm in raising it once again.

Beginning several days after the murder of Stacey Burns in May of 2009, there were periodic rumors of an “imminent” arrest. The most common dictionary definition of the word imminent is “likely to happen without delay” or “impending.” Apparently, the use of the word imminent in the Stacey Burns murder case was completely erroneous. However, I wondered how many people out there heard that an arrest was close over the last five years. So, let’s take a little survey.

If you heard that an arrest of the killer of Stacey Burns was imminent, or close, or impending, or a matter of days/weeks, or likely to happen without delay, please make a comment at the end of this post. It doesn’t matter what your source was. This small survey might indicate how often hope was given to Stacey’s family and friends when, in fact, there likely was no hope for justice in this case.

Once again, if I am incorrect and an arrest is much closer now than it was five years ago, then let me know. I would like nothing better than to be told that I am completely wrong about this.

Meanwhile, is the killer closer to having the smile driven from his face, or, as time passes, is he/she closer to having that smile turn into a hearty laugh as the expense of the justice system?

So, did anyone ever hear that the killer’s arrest was imminent?