In the last two years on this blog, I have posted two hundred and ninety four items, a large majority of them regarding the Stacey Burns murder. Several of those have sought a definition of what exactly constitutes an “active investigation” of a murder case. Like so many of the questions I have raised about this case, this one has not been satisfactorily answered. As I have often stated, I truly have no standing in this case other than that of an interested party who has invested much time, effort, and money to try to find out the truth.  No one in authority has any obligation to answer any of my questions. I only raise this one again because of a phone call from an anonymous person in Wolfeboro who is convinced that the investigation into the murder of Stacey Burns is active and ongoing, although in a secretive, “hush-hush” way.

Once again, my questions are simply these:  What is an “active investigation?” How much time is spent trying to find Stacey’s killer? Is it one day a month? Is it a few hours here and there? How often does the file on this murder rise to the top of the pile?

In four months, the murder will be six years old. I may have no standing in the eyes of law enforcement but there are many out there who do. Stacey’s family, friends, colleagues, and the Wolfeboro community come to mind. I may not deserve answers, but there are many who do.