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Amazing Silence

Well, my last post certainly created much silence out there. Can anyone deny that those who are alive five years after a close friend or family member has died (in Stacey’s case, been murdered) continue to grapple with their search for the truth?

Come on, Mr. Ed Burns, don’t you have anything to say about your wife’s murder? Don’t you have anything to say about your children and their welfare? Don’t you have any comment on the fact that the police seem to have fixated on one person as the killer? Do you pray every day that the killer of the mother of your children will be arrested and convicted?

Why won’t you assist in this endeavor to find the killer? What is it that you fear most?

Where are you, anyway, Mr. Ed Burns? How about telling us the truth from your side?

I’m coming to Wolfeboro at the end of July. Here is a chance to tell your story? Bring your lawyer if you would like!

Meanwhile,  the killer of Stacey Burns walks free.

What a shame!


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