dukesmotorcycleWill the killer of Stacey Burns ever don the orange prison garb and be subjected to the humiliation of his or her day in court? Based on what I have learned over the last five years (plus) I’d have to say no.

Will any of my books ever approach even that special level of 2,ooo copies in sales? I’d have to say no.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to kid ourselves? I was sure that my efforts to write a legitimate narrative which would lead to the arrest of the cowardly, gutless killer of Stacey Burns would make a difference in that case.

I was sure that my dreams to write successful novels would come true.

The obstacles in the case of the murder of Stacey Burns seem insurmountable. Am I kidding myself that my efforts could make a difference?

The obstacles in the case of writing successful fiction also seem insurmountable. Am I kidding myself that my efforts in that direction would be successful?

I have much more confidence that my novels will be successful than I have about the police arresting the killer of Stacey Burns. Am I kidding myself?