The fourth possibility for an agent for justice for Stacey Burns is, as was the third, a group of people. This group is composed of friends of Stacey’s, friends who could be called her inner circle. These are people who saw Stacey regularly, spoke with her on the phone frequently and generally were well aware of what was going on her life.

Here is a statistic (if what I have been told is true): Stacey Burns made or received 32 or more phone calls the day before she died. Again, according to what I’ve been told, and I believe most of it, one of these calls was to or from her mother late Saturday night. The remainder were from either her ex-husband (who may or may not have been her ex at that point) or to or from people she considered her good friends.

I am sure that the police have covered this ground thoroughly and left no possible information unexamined. However, here is a bit of a challenge to Stacey’s close friends. Could you, individually or as a group, be her agent for justice? If you feel you could be, would you stand up in a court and tell everything you know?

The last four posts on this blog have mentioned four possibilities for Stacey’s agent for justice. I have no vested interest in this case other than a lot of time and money but my guess is that we will hear nothing from any one of them, which is a sad commentary on the state of this case. A fifth possibility will be mentioned in the next post.