We enter the 18th day before the fifth anniversary of the savage, senseless killing a well-loved young woman in the prime of her life. If the New Hampshire State Police and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office have decided to let this case run cold or to wait for the killer to acknowledge the crime, then who is to be the agent for justice, the person who steps up in the name of all that is good and right to see that the murderer of Stacey Burns does not continue to walk free for another five years, or ten years, or maybe even a lifetime? Who is to be, as mentioned in previous post, the “voice of the victim?”

As a group of people, Stacey Burns’ family has had more tragedy in their lives than anyone should have. Perhaps the agent for justice could be more than one person. Those who have lost the most would seem to have the most to gain by seeing Stacey’s killer arrested, convicted, and put away for his or her lifetime. Approaching five years in the past, Stacey’s murder realistically is not on the same radar screen as it was when it happened. Is it possible that Stacey’s family could be her agent for justice, making certain that the pressure to solve this crime is powerful and constant? Her murder simply has to find its way back to the forefront. It needs an advocate.

Next, Agent for Justice # 4. This also is a group of people who likely know who they are.