Here is a high profile candidate for the “Agent for Justice” in the Stacey Burns murder case. Of course, understand that it would be unfair of anyone to judge whether this is a viable candidate since he is in the political arena and that requires an ability to figure out what is the most politically correct thing to say.

Anyway, here is a good question for this candidate for the position of agent for justice for Stacey Burns.

Hypothetically speaking, if you had an 85% chance of a conviction in the Stacey Burns murder case, would you take it, Mr. Strelzin? Please don’t condescend to tell us that if your defendant walks away, he is free forever. If the case is well presented and the defendant walks, then his or her life is over anyway because people will know the truth.

So, Mr. Strelzin, are you willing to be the agent for justice for Stacey Burns?

There is no shortage of candidates for this position. Tomorrow, we’ll hear about another one.