Stacey Burns needs an agent for justice. For the next few posts, I’ll suggest some who could fulfill that need.

Brad Wallace, the fictional antagonist in Agent for Justice evolves into a dark and brooding character as the story unfolds. However, he knows that he is right in his attempt to correct those injustices in his world over which he has some control.  Similarly, there are people in the world of Stacey Burns who may be able to help correct the final injustice-her death at the hands of a madman or madwoman.

Detective Steve Rowland, now retired from the New Hampshire State Police, told me that he saw himself as the “voice of the victim” in homicide cases because the victims obviously cannot speak for themselves. In the search for an agent of justice for Stacey Burns, a most obvious place to begin would be with the official investigators who now handle the case for the N.H. State Police. With that in mind, I nominate Scott Gilbert as the first candidate for Stacey’s agent for justice. If he is still the primary investigator on this case, he has become, to use Steve Rowland’s phrase, “the voice of the victim.”

Can you guess who the next nominee might be? Here is a hint: he works in the N.H. Attorney General’s office.