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“Afraid of her…”

 “I honestly think she may be afraid of (the suspect) . . .”

It’s been over a year since I sent the NH State Police my newest “hot tip” (at that time) about the Stacey Burns murder case.  Today, I checked with the source of that tip to see if any subsequent interviews or follow-up had occurred. As usual, this was a frustrating exercise.

Because of the nature of the tip, I can’t reveal too much detail but suffice it to say that the source felt that the reason he/she hadn’t heard anything at this point is that the key person in the tip might be afraid to come forward for a reason which unfortunately I feel must also remain private at this time. (As I said so often, I will not be placed in a position of  putting another person in harm’s way.)

My question? Has this lead/tip been thoroughly explored as a possibility, even a far-fetched possibility? Has it been explored and dismissed? Is it, in the vernacular of the investigators, “ongoing” and “active?”

As an outsider, which I’m reminded on occasion that I am, I truly wonder how much effort is going into finding this poor woman’s killer. Is an hour a day devoted to it? Two hours? One day a week? In my humble opinion, which is apparently worthless to the authorities, the family and friends of Stacey Burns deserve to know how things are progressing. If they’ve already been informed, I apologize. If not, I do question why not?


3 Responses to “Afraid of her…”

  • Jamie says:

    I really get annoyed at the whole “I’m afraid” excuse. Say what you know (or think you know) and do the right thing.What are people afraid of? Do they think their next (9 years later)? Personally I wouldn’t want to leave this earth a coward.

  • Vittum says:

    If “the family” is afraid, I can certainly understand that, they got a killer in their mist and the cops are lying to them. My problem is her “friends” silence. They were quick to warn me that Ed was a psycho, where the hell are they now?

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