“I honestly think she may be afraid of (the suspect) . . .”

It’s been over a year since I sent the NH State Police my newest “hot tip” (at that time) about the Stacey Burns murder case.  Today, I checked with the source of that tip to see if any subsequent interviews or follow-up had occurred. As usual, this was a frustrating exercise.

Because of the nature of the tip, I can’t reveal too much detail but suffice it to say that the source felt that the reason he/she hadn’t heard anything at this point is that the key person in the tip might be afraid to come forward for a reason which unfortunately I feel must also remain private at this time. (As I said so often, I will not be placed in a position of  putting another person in harm’s way.)

My question? Has this lead/tip been thoroughly explored as a possibility, even a far-fetched possibility? Has it been explored and dismissed? Is it, in the vernacular of the investigators, “ongoing” and “active?”

As an outsider, which I’m reminded on occasion that I am, I truly wonder how much effort is going into finding this poor woman’s killer. Is an hour a day devoted to it? Two hours? One day a week? In my humble opinion, which is apparently worthless to the authorities, the family and friends of Stacey Burns deserve to know how things are progressing. If they’ve already been informed, I apologize. If not, I do question why not?