By July 26, I will be contacting, by regular mail, Scott Gilbert of the New Hampshire State Police, Stuart Chase, Wolfeboro Police Chief, and Jennifer Haskell, Stacey Burns’ attorney, with a request for fifteen minutes of their time. Each of them could verify (or not) information which I currently have included in Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns. This fifteen minutes could take place anytime when I am in New Hampshire from September 27-30, 2013. I have a feeling that these requests will either be denied or not answered but I hope that is not the case.

I will also be contacting the real estate agency which currently has the Burns residence listed, requesting another fifteen minutes. This fifteen minutes would be spent with a tour of that home for verification of details which are included in the book as well.

This blog is much more of a “heads up” than it is a warning. Perhaps, if people are made aware that I will be making the request well in advance, they will be more amenable to granting me my fifteen minutes. Of course, I wouldn’t object if they allowed more time but my questions would be succinct enough to obtain some answers in the allotted time.

Meanwhile, I still await responses from the four libraries regarding a possible free program on the process of writing the book. (Not the solution to the crime) Also, I’m waiting to hear from two folks who did allow interviews previously in the hope they will allow for a follow-up, now well over a year since the first one.