My admiration for true crime writer Ann Rule increases with each book I read. She is so knowledgeable and such an accomplished writer. She often has inside access to officials in the murder cases she describes, an advantage which I’ve not had in trying to put together a narrative of the Stacey Burns murder. Rule does occasionally run into the clichéd roadblock used so often when I’ve tried to extract information for official sources. “It’s an ongoing investigation and we can’t comment on it.” Here is a quote from the end of one Ann Rule’s cases. I’ve left the names in that case blank so the reader can fill in names pertinent to the Stacey Burns case as I believe the statement applies to her murder as well.

“Although the _________want to move forward, the __________remain filled with grief and the sense of something left unfinished. Of justice ignored. Perhaps one day the truth will emerge and hearts can begin to heal.”  Ann Rule, “Two Strange Deaths in Coronado,” Ann Rule’s Crime Files: Volume 16

Please let me know if you agree that the statement could apply in the Stacey Burns case.