On occasion, I will be updating my progress on the complete revision of my first novel, A Favor Returned, which was published in hard cover in May, 2000. This is the first entry on this subject.

Why am I revising the novel instead of just publishing it in paperback and as an e-book? The answer is simple. Every time I pick up A Favor Returned and open it to any page, I find writing which could be improved. The story will remain the same but the revision will be written with fourteen more years of experience. It is amazing how much one can learn in fourteen years.

The “Tale of Two Books” will be interesting to follow. Blogs under this title will use specific examples from the original novel coupled with the changes in the revised version to demonstrate improved writing techiques. Culprits will include the deadly “ly” words, gerunds and infinitives, cliches and many more.

Watch for future episodes of A Tale of Two Books!