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A Startling Statement

About 85 per cent of the posts on this blog have dealt with the Stacey Burns murder. My latest post about “muddying the waters” received a response from a frequent contributor suggesting that this blog could serve as a memorial to Stacey.

While a valid idea, I believe a memorial site already exists. Added to this is the fact that this blog allows for posts in nine different categories, one of which is “Murder in a Small Town.”

A somewhat startling statement from that contributor also appears in that same response. I know regular followers of this blog would be curious to know what the “experience” was to send this person in such a dramatically different direction. (See comments under the “About Muddying the Waters” post on my website -www.dukesouthard.com.)

Next post will be after Christmas so please, everyone, stay safe, happy, and healthy this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!



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