A professional writer on a blog where I have a regular posting every Tuesday (you can find it at http://Prowriterswriting.com) is if the opinion that I should publish everything I’ve written about the Stacey Burns murder thus far, even though there had not been an arrest at this time.

His reasoning is quite convincing. New information could be published later if desired. Why not share what you have at this point and maybe it will shake loose something important on the case. I am struggling with the concept of publishing before the story is finished (not a new struggle as people who have followed this blog are aware) but I’ve decided that publishing a paragraph or two from my manuscript every once in a while might be productive, although I’m by no means sure of that. As an example, here is a paragraph from Chapter One.

“Stacey Burns could not have anticipated how the details of the last weekend of her life would be scrutinized through so many avenues, from police interrogations to reporters’ probing, from reliable newspaper sources to wildly speculative internet bogs, from recalled conversations to embellished rumor. As absurd as it may be, uncovering the truth of Stacey Burns’ final thirty six hours proves to be daunting. What really occurred during that time blurs into an elusive nebulous, and ultimately frustrating search for the truth.”

This was written about eight years ago. If it was true then, imagine how daunting that search would be now!