Four years ago today, a special young woman was lost to this world in a vicious and heinous way. The perpetrator of this crime remains free and that is an inexcusable major crime in itself. One simple question has to be asked. HOW MUCH LONGER IS THIS GOING TO GO ON?

On another related subject: While doing the research for Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns, I honored the request by a family member that I have no contact with any of the Burns children, a request that was unnecessary since I would never have done so without permission anyway.  In light of recent developments, I wondered if speaking with the two older children might now be a possibility.

The narrative of the story as it stands now has many incidents that need corroboration from a second source. Four years is long enough for memories to fade, perceptions to be altered and rumors to become facts. My idea for the book was to discover the truth. It seems as if the chances for that to happen diminish by the day.

I will be in New Hampshire for six days next week. I encourage anyone who would like to speak with me, on or off the record, to please contact me. I should stress the “off the record” part. I guarantee that any conversation that is off the record will be just that. I need to know if my research has sent me in the wrong direction.