As of last Wednesday, the Duke Southard literary plan for 2018 changed yet again.

A collection of thirteen short pieces, a combination of [personal essays, memoirs, and short stories, has been submitted to the publisher to begin the editing process. This likely will not take long as these stories have already been through a rather thorough content editing and most have also been judged in writing competitions. Watch for the release date in upcoming weeks. The title will be “The Fallacy of Closure” with a subtitle of “plus many more award winning essays and stories ” It is an eclectic volume, sure to have something for everyone’s tastes, whether its mystery, suspense, humor, pathos, or human interest.

Meanwhile, the new Detective Parker Havenot novel is on track to be released sometime in the fall. The working title of that one is The Tipping Point” but that has a  chance of changing as the novel is wrapped up.

Also, meanwhile, I guess that there really is nothing new to tell in the Stacey Burns murder case, judging by the lack of reaction to the last post on that topic. Going on nine years . . .a crime in and of itself, in my humble opinion!