FreeGiveawayThis book took nine years to write and it is only 130 pages in length. Why? The subject matter was so powerful that more time was spent in tears than were spent writing.  I wrote two long novels in less time than it took to write this book about the sudden death of our son.

It occurs to me that perhaps there is an analogy between my experience with The Week from Heaven and Hell and the Stacey Burns murder. It may be a stretch but here it is:

I could handle the memories for only a limited time, then had to put them away for a while. I was able to revisit them again only after a passage of time and then only briefly again. Could Stacey’s family and friends be experiencing this same intense emotional roller coaster which only allows human beings the luxury of looking at tragedy briefly before turning away and waiting for the strength to come back to it again? This might explain the lack of public pressure on the police to get this murder resolved. I might be fishing for answers here, hoping that fading memories and the human desire to move ahead are not precursors to the memory of Stacey Burns disappearing entirely.

Does this make sense?