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A Reality Check

It is always for someone to toss a dose of reality into a discussion. My last two posts on this blog have talked about how interesting it would be if a huge march of all of Stacey Burns (and Bobbie Miller’s as well) family, friends, acquaintances, etc. converged on the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office in Concord and demanded a report on the progress of the two investigations. a person who has worked tirelessly on getting and keeping the Burns murder case alive sent a email with an explanation why a march of this type will never take place.

Here is the reality brilliantly pointed in the email. (paraphrased)

It would take a village to pull this off. This village would need organization, sincere interest, trust, leadership, spokesperson(s), information, willingness, compassion, a high percentage of support. etc.

The reality is sobering but most likely these criteria could not be met at the present time. I love my correspondent’s alternative- a Wolfeboro Town Hall type of gathering with invitations to all key players at the top levels of the N.H. government and law enforcement to be present.

Wouldn’t that be fun and an effective method of getting information.

Maybe in May around the tenth anniversary??


8 Responses to A Reality Check

  • Hank says:

    If we don’t have hope, then what do we have?
    The squeaky wheel gets the oil…..
    Anything that is done puts pressure on the investigators to solve this case.
    Any attention these cases get, only helps I believe.
    Justice is coming, you have to have hope.

  • Van darling says:

    It is difficult to know exactly what moves a person. Complex reasoning comes readily to mind. Oftentimes the explanation, if one is forthcoming, is not what we expected. Why was Stacey murdered? Why has her investigation dragged on for so long? Why are the investigators so reluctant to share what they know? And what they have uncovered. What do they think? I still maintain good will win out.

  • a friend says:

    ~ think it is a WONDER-FULL idea Mr.Southard !!! i thought of it myself long ago as well.

    ~ i have a BEAUTIFUL VISION…

    ~ so let’s share thoughts

  • crystal vision says:

    *my *WONDER*-FILLED BEAUTIFUL Vision for STACEY and her CHILDREN … Mothers Day2019

    Stacey’s children, friends, family, are gathered IN THE PARK for an early evening memorial. The park is colorful with her favorite pink and green as over 100 beautiful budding large PINK ROSES were planted here and throughout town in her memory. Food has been catered by locals and the gentle soft sweet sound of angelic voices drifts through air. Her children listen and share stories, food, and music……. the Honorable Governor Chris Sununu is asked to speak & accompany whomever is RESPONSABLE for the ongoing investigation. Maybe the press will be invited as well as they should be…

    i have already ordered 111 PINK ROSE BUSHES!!! NEED PERMITS and locations where they can be planted on PUBLIC PROPERTY and also could take orders in FEBRUARY for private sales. Let’s flood Wolfeboro and the main roads in and out of town with pink roses for Stacey!

    Lots of work… lots of help i will need. Been patiently waiting.

    • jim says:

      Felonious aggravated assault and battery with dangerous weapon !!! 15 years in prison, $10,000 fine. She may no rest in peace but neither would he.

  • crystal vision says:

    ~ So Jim, would you love to attend a Celebration of Stacey’s LIFE ??? i am certain that you have wonderful memories of HER so you could share a meaningful story. What would Stacey think of this idea??? a Celebration of Her life… and the 10th Anniversary of her unsolved murder.
    Maybe the first Annual Appeal to the Honorable Governor of the State of New Hampshire to Reopen an ACTIVE Investigation into Her Death……. ~ TIME to take a fresh look at all the evidence. ~ TIME to interview… re-interview EVERYONE at the scene or whose prints were found in her room. ~ TIME to consider NOT EVERYONE SUSPECTS ED is guilty. SOMEONE committed a perfect murder simply by making it look like a crime of passion.
    ITS T I M E TO START TALKING FOLKS…FRIENDS OF STACEY >>>HERE IS A SAFE PUBLIC FORUM Stacey’s spirit will always be here for Her children but she wonders where have all her friends gone. She begs for her children that you tell the truth about what you know, and remember that there is safety in numbers. She says we are snowflakes so so strong if we stick together. Remember LOVE is the greatest gift of all. She is flying with the angels spreading LOVE

    • Believer in Miracles says:

      This seems like a good idea but how could this event happen? Who is willing to organize it.? Perhaps one of Stacey’s real friends? Or maybe a few of you could get together. Seems like a good time to start. Any volunteers to organize any part of this? Or maybe have a meeting at the church in Melvin Village to discuss organization?

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