Apologies are hollow when they are for the same mistake but I’ll make yet another anyway. It’s been about two weeks between blogs and that is inexcusable on my part. So there you have it- another apology for not blogging in a timely fashion. I been told by one who knows that I need to write something on a blog every day so I will try desperately to do better in 2013. Enough of that!
There are some developments of which you should be aware. First, this blog will be branching out in subject matter as this year progresses. Murder in a Small Town . . . will remain the most substantial focus but  a few other items will begin to make an appearance.

First, you will be interested to know that I will be reading an excerpt from the Stacey Burns book at the 6th Annual Authors’ Showcase in Green Valley, Arizona, joining eight other invitees at the event which takes place on January 12, 2013. I’ve not decided yet on the excerpt I will read but whatever I choose, it will be the first public exposure of that part of the book. Stay tuned to see how it is received.

Second, my two novels, A Favor Returned and Agent for Justice are undergoing revision in preparation for rerelease in e-book and publish on demand format. Both of those books were originally published in hard cover but are now out of print although copies are still available. The plan is to do an extensive rewrite of A Favor Returned, retaining the full impact of the story while tightening the flow. It was, after all, a first novel with some of the weaknesses that occasionally accompany first attempts. It will be worth rereading if you have already read it and if you haven’t, well . . .please do when it is released.

Third, here is a request which I’ve made in the past but it is worth asking once more. At this time, Murder in a Small Town; The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns is sorely lacking some details which Stacey’s family could supply to help me to make the story a fair and reasonable portrayal of a wonderful person. I know they are not in favor of this book but I still contend that just maybe I could help to somehow not let her memory drift away into a cold case file drawer. In my opinion, should that happen, it would be yet another crime against Stacey Burns.

Happy New Year!