With one hundred and five days left to the eighth anniversary of the murder of Stacey Burns, a correspondent suggests that an organized protest on Mother’s Day, 2017  (May 14, 2017) in Concord might be an effective way to move this case along. I tend to agree.  Might this be a good way to send a message that those who loved Stacey want to see a resolution to this heinous crime? Is there anyone out there who agrees with this idea? It’s been several years since the last one and the players in Concord are different so maybe another march for justice for Stacey would have an effect. Nothing else seems to be doing much good.

Another point made in response to the previous post (The Countdown) is similar to one which I’ve addressed on several occasions on this blog. That is, if the police (or anyone else) are certain that a particular person is or is not involved in this murder, why don’t they say so? One would think, after almost eight years, that some of those rumored to be involved with the murder of Stacey Burns could be unequivocally declared innocent. Why not look at the list of those who, over the years have come under scrutiny for this crime? Then, make a public announcement clearing anyone on that list who is not considered a possible suspect.

I don’t see the problem, after all this time, of keeping the public just a little more informed. (But then, I’ve often been accused of being naïve, unrealistic, and romantically out of touch with the realities of a murder investigation.)