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A new suspect?

Within the last week or so, I’ve heard that there is a completely new “person of interest” in the Stacey Burns murder case. Has anyone else living in the area heard that?

And another brief question-Does anyone (besides me) wonder why the detective now assigned to the Stacy Burns murder wouldn’t be interviewing a crucial witness in the case again? Sorry for sounding like the proverbial broken record, but if this is, as I was told, an ongoing investigation and not a cold case, wouldn’t it make sense to talk with people close to the case again.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear from all those who were interviewed (or interrogated) when the crime first occurred to see how many have been spoken to again in the last couple of years?

As always, I’m just curious how this whole cold case/ongoing investigation thing is going?

2 Responses to A new suspect?

  • jim vittum says:

    What kind of person stabs another person with a 10 inch knife? if i were a detective working on this case, I’d look for someone like THAT. And Duke; there are only two suspects in this case. One that has been protected and me. When Michael Keane accused me of murdering Stacey on the steps of her church i realized the power that other man has over this family. Having grown up in a normal family I was not prepared for that.

  • Chris says:

    Jim, When you say the other suspect is “protected”, are you referring to Ed’s lawyer? Or, are you referring to the consequences of having such a strong cover, of “beyond a shadow of a doubt” as the required burden of proof for a conviction. I agree in that there “are only two suspects in this case”. If you’re the innocent suspect, how come you can’t make that crystal clear to the investigation? I agree in that between these two suspects, a killer resides. Ironically as it stands now, until one proves ones innocence a charge will not happen.

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