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A New Literary Plan

We (Barbara and I) have decided on a new literary plan for this year. After meeting with my publisher today, we’ve decided to release two relatively short anthologies, one fiction nd the other personal essay/memoir before the new novel. These anthologies will include my award-winning short pieces plus others which have not previously published. Since these works are already written and will need only copy editing, the books should be out fairly quickly.

I anticipate the novel, the fourth in the Parker Havenot series, to be published in late fall/early winter of 2018.

Watch for additional information on the anthologies coming soon.

Thanks for your interest in my work!



2 Responses to A New Literary Plan

  • vittum says:

    I’m interested in your work, does it include reaching out to the NHag’s office for a transcript of the grand jury finding in this case. I talked to Harry Larson, he was on it, all he told me was “you ain’t got nothing to worry about boy” “they ain’t after you” .

  • You are amazing and inspiring. Your writing urges us to think of community issues that have been swept under the carpet of community life and to shine light on personal lives. Eagerly awaiting the memoir.
    Your fan, (one of many)

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