Within the last week, I was contacted by an NBC Cable News affiliate in Boston. They wanted to do an interview regarding the Stacey Burns murder case. I turned down the offer since it had to be a live interview (no Skype or similar thing) in studio. The trip was impractical for me for a number of reasons.

My hope is that they found someone else in the New England area to do an interview about the case, if for no other reason than it might help bring more exposure to the ninth anniversary of Stacey’s death.

I’ve also heard that the NHPR station might be doing something in the form of pod casts about the case.

I am praying that both of these media possibilities happen as we approach the ninth anniversary with, as far as I can tell, no solution in sight.

Has anyone else heard of these programs up in Wolfeboro and can anyone dispute the statement about no solution in sight? (Police included, if they care to be)

I know I said I was finished with this case, but to some quitting like that seems a crime in itself so I’ll continue to post on the case occasionally but will be more vigilant about commentary that appears here.