On Sunday, I received via e-mail a copy of a petition containing fifteen pages of comments and questions regarding the murder of Stacey Burns with the request to comment and forward to any official offices I felt might react to the points raised in that document. I am assuming it has received wide spread distribution.

I am curious as to how many people out there have seen it. If investigators have seen it, I’d be curious to hear their reaction. It seems to call into question the thoroughness of their investigation by asking many questions about what procedures were carried out, and, by inference, what might have been done but wasn’t.

If, through this blog, I find that it hasn’t had the distribution it deserves, it may be worthwhile to start posting some of most pertinent questions. What do readers think?

By  the way, the countdown to anniversary number 8 continues. Eighty four days- do you think we’ll see an arrest by May 10, 2017?

Happy Valentine’s Day!