Who killed Stacey Burns? Correspondents in my blog, interviewees, and personal contacts through e-mails and phone calls have left me with these possibilities, all of which have no doubt been thoroughly investigated by the authorities in their relentless search for justice:

Ex-husband- always a favorite with readers of “thriller” type novels

Former boyfriend- another favorite with those same readers

Hired killer- well-informed in the layout of the house and how the murder should be carried out to throw suspicion in another direction

Three different women have been named as possibilities as well. (Hell has no fury like a woman scorned??)

“Higher-ups” in the political structure of the town/state- I was told that this crime will never be solved because “higher-ups are involved.”

Stacey’s murder is somehow related to the Wolfeboro official who was arrested for drug trafficking.

Then there are the multiple theories of a conspiracy with multiple people involved in the murder.

Take your pick or add some of your own. Whether one of these possibilities or a different one, one fact remains-the killer(s) seem to have nothing to fear as we approach the seven year mark.

Just read that great legal maxim again: Justice delayed is justice denied.