If asked to think about it, everyone would have an idea what they would like to ask the killer of Stacey Burns if they could do so without any risk.

Here’s what I would like to ask him or her if given the chance and I wouldn’t even mind if there were some risk involved. After all, I am an old guy!

How, sir or madam, do you justify yourself? What gave you the right to take away what is the most precious gift all of us have, the gift of living and loving and sharing and caring? Can you be so egotistical, so self-centered, so callous, that you could possibly believe that you did the right thing in murdering another human being, especially one so capable of making the world a better place? How could you not have the courage to go on with your life without hurting anyone, to move beyond whatever you perceive as her sins against you? Finally, how can you justify leaving five children to live with this terrible event for the rest of their lives?

If you are reading this, I’d love to ask you these questions in person but somehow I don’t think standing tall is in your makeup. Can you prove me wrong?