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A Final Tipping Point

When will the Stacey Burns murder reach a final tipping point?

On Saturday, we officially launched my new book, The Final Tipping Point. As I was once again perusing my murder book with material I’ve gathered on the Stacey Burns case, I thought about the central theme of the book and its relationship to that case.

Most human beings come to times in their lives when crucial decisions are made, sending them in certain directions. This happens to characters in the book. Call them whatever you might–watershed moments, turning points, or maybe tipping points. I’m wondering when a crucial “character” in the Stacey Burns story will reach his or her tipping point and realize that it’s time for the truth to be told. In my book, conscience plays an important role in the transformation, but maybe the crucial player in the Stacey Burns murder doesn’t have a conscience. So how will the tipping point occur?

In my opinion, that tipping point may have to come from outside pressures instead of internal guilt. Someone beside the Stacey’s killer knows who the killer is. If the murderer doesn’t have the courage to face a tipping point, maybe others can force him/her to relent.

The obvious problem with this is that facing a tipping point requires the kind of individual fortitude that has been sadly lacking for going on ten years. I’d love to see someone in the Stacey Burns case show the kind of courage exhibited in my fictional story. I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.


4 Responses to A Final Tipping Point

  • Vittum says:

    If Brabants had a conscience maybe, but from what Stacey told me about him he’s just as cowardly as Ed. Bob Ward from fox25 Boston is the first person besides Stacey’s mom to show any courage at all in this case, God bless him and his efforts. “Bob, stick a mic in Brabants face and ask him if he still supports Ed after the ‘back stabbing and the kids restraining order’. THANKS.

  • Van darling says:

    I admire your fortitude in dealing with the Stacey Burns murder. Almost every day the news carries a story about closing a cold case, sometimes thirty years after the dastardly event. There should be no doubt, comfortably resting somewhere dark, that someday will be brought to light. Then, justice will be served. Your constant vigilance toward that moment in time is an example for us all.

    • vittum says:

      For Stacey’s birthday I again, unannounced went to Hazen Dr. After talking to detectives I was pleasantly surprised to believe at least one of them cares about Stacey. This guy not only knew her name but had recently reviewed her case. Ten years is a huge milestone in a unsolved murder, “they” may just be preparing an excuse but I feel better thinking they care, not just about Stacey but her kids as well.

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