The last post aroused some curiosity about what might contained in the questions asked of law enforcement regarding the Stacey Burns murder. In this post, I’ll list a couple, which probably will only spark more curiosity. First, I’ll share a portion of the preface to the document I received which I believe is taken from the petition which began circulation last summer.

“There is still a killer amongst us. The famliy and friends of Stacey Keane Burns are infuriated over the lack of movement related to Stacey’s case. . .We need your support so that SUFFICIENT resources can be dedicated to solve this horrible crime! . . .At this point, there are minimal resources being devoted to Stacey’s case.”

Paraphrasing, here a few of the questions/comments . . .

Did the forensics (NHPD) “thoroughly” examine the video which explains Ed Burns’s presence in another location the night of the murder? (time tamp/date, background objects, shadows, clocks, wristwatch, interior windows, lighting, etc. Was the original retained, finger printed, copied, altered, and kept with authorities since May 10, 2009?

Were all cell phones belonging to the principal characters in this event completely examined? This means everyone from the victim, Stacey herself, to all in close proximity to the event as well other possible human connections to Stacey outside of the scene of the murder?

As mentioned in this blog before, so many questions like the above could be dismissed out of hand should those investigating the crime choose to do so. One has to have confidence that ALL proper procedures were in place and followed to the letter. Right? So, a yes or no answer would be easy. Right?

The document I’m referring to above, with its fifteen pages of similar questions and comments, is supposedly now in the hands of someone in authority in New Hampshire.

While we await the dreaded eighth anniversary (now just 80 days away) we can only hope that more than “minimal resources” are being applied to the solution of this crime.