Waiting for a response to this email sent yesterday to the Cold Case Unit in New Hampshire. (This is just a portion of the message) I will let you know when I hear anything back from them.

“This morning, I received a phone call from an old friend in New Hampshire
regarding a possible tip. (in the murder of Stacey Burn) This person felt the need to alert someone to
information that may not have been known before. It involved a person who
has been named several times in my interviews with friends of Stacey Burns
as a possible connection to the murder. I hesitate to even raise this with
you as my offer to share any information I have gleaned over the years
with the authorities has been pretty much ignored. My assumption is that
my information was not worth investigating at the state level.

I’ve shared several other names with local authorities in the hope that a quiet inquiry could be made to see if the information I received
previously had any merit. Again, I’ve heard nothing so I assume that my
information was not worth involving the state police.

I think the person named by my source deserves another close look based on
what I learned today and what I have learned in previous interviews.
My phone number is 603 520 9695  email duke@dukesouthard.com