This blog has been sputtering along since the mention of a possible “new suspect” in the Stacey Burns murder case. The primary reason for this lack of momentum in the blog is really quite simple. There has been no additional information forthcoming from any of my sources.

I have been reading sections of the manuscript of Murder in a Small Town: The Tragic Death of Stacey Burns to the Green Valley Writers Forum, a critique group of talented writers in our area of Arizona. The response of that group has been positive, with the consensus being that this book definitely should be published. However, without input from several crucial people, I feel that the story would have a bias which would effectively destroy the integrity of the book. So, I make a plea that has been made before in this blog.

My revised list of people I’d like to ask just two questions now stands at thirteen. The list could be shortened considerably if any of the NH State Police investigators would allow me to ask them the twenty six questions as I’m sure they must already have the information. Surely, they would have asked these same questions during their open and ongoing investigation which I’m certain continues even now, forty three months later.

The dilemma I am facing right now is this: Should I begin publishing what I’ve done so far since there truly does not seem that any resolution is imminent?

By the way, I still have that “disturbing information” that possibly could impact the murder case of Stacey Burns and would love to have NH State Police tell me that they have already dismissed it as not valid. All it would take is a return e-mail or phone call from someone in authority.

My Christmas wish? Please, New Hampshire, solve this case for the sake of Stacey and her family!