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4970 Sunsets Stacey Missed

A previous post in late October mentioned the sad fact that Stacey Burns had then missed 4922 sunsets since her brutal murder in May of 2009.

Tonight, when the sun goes down over the beautiful snow-covered town of Wolfeboro, Stacey will miss her 4970th sunset. Will this occasion be noted? As Christmas approaches, will there be a cry lifted up for justice for this woman? Will there be demands for a kind of progress report from the investigators who have been working diligently on this case? (This is a bit facetious as that diligence supposedly has been ongoing for WELL OVER THIRTEEN YEARS!)

May you rest in peace, Stacey! May your spirit be sharing the wonderful sunrises and sunsets with your beloved family and friends who were left behind by this unspeakable and cowardly act.

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